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Boost Your Biology with Lucas Aoun

Apr 28, 2023

Podcast Description:

In this episode, Lucas reveals the new science around BPC-157 (the healing peptide). This peptide has continued to gain popularity in the health space due to its incredible healing properties.

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Apr 25, 2023

Lucas invites Emiel Bakker, the product development specialist from Nootropics Depot on the show to discuss the new non-psychedelic cognitive enhancer. The M1 positive allosteric modulation effects, combined with the 5-HT2A positive allosteric modulation effects, gives Cognance an incredibly unique, yet very clean...

Apr 21, 2023

Podcast Description:

 In this episode, Lucas goes deep into the major benefits of TTFD/Thiamax, a vitamin B1 derivative. This supplement has the potential to fight fatigue and boost dopamine, increasing your productivity and motivation. LIsten to this episode to find out how you can use it to maximize your health.


Apr 18, 2023

Podcast Description:

Lucas invites Nick Furion on the podcast to discuss the intricacies between polypharmacy, dosages, drugs and supplements.

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Apr 14, 2023

Podcast Description:

 In this episode, Lucas reveals the results of one of his many experiments…megadosing L-Theanine. This key ingredient in green tea has stood the test of time as a top supplement for creating a sense of calm. Listen to this solocast to find out how you can incorporate it into your health regime.