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Boost Your Biology with Lucas Aoun

Aug 25, 2022

In this episode, Lucas interviews Chris Mirabile. Chris Mirabile graduated from NYU’s Stern School of Business and later won their business plan competition with his startup company, Hotlist, a location-based social network that scaled to 220 million people’s social plans. Chris has launched multiple successful...

Aug 18, 2022

In this episode, Lucas interviews Dr. Gil Blander. Gil has a Ph.D. in biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science and completed his Post, Doctoral fellowship, at MIT, before going on to found InsideTracker. InsideTracker was founded in 2009 by top scientists from acclaimed universities in the fields of aging,...

Aug 11, 2022

In this episode, Lucas interviews Mario Bainovic to discuss the miraculous health benefits of Analemma water. 

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Aug 4, 2022

In this episode, Lucas interviews Dr. Andrew Hill top peak performance coach in the US. He holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience from UCLA’s Department of Psychology and continues to do research on attention and cognition. He's been practicing neurofeedback since 2003 and has a wealth of knowledge in the...